President Speech [William Louey]

It is my honor to be the President of Ski Association of Hong Kong, China Limited. Hong Kong is an international city where east meets west. Sport, as a kind of international language, can shorten the distance between people of different nationalities and cultural background. As a sports enthusiast, it is my pleasure to take the initiative to promote skiing as a potentially popular sport in Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong's climate is not conclusive for this sport, I believe that we can nevertheless overcome this restriction by encouraging people from different walks of life to enjoy this challenging and energetic sport.

Even though our association is at its infancy, we have already established an international network with the Federation of International Skiing (FIS), Asian Ski Federation, and Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China. By planning a proper development strategy, encouraging and promoting skiing, I believe that Hong Kong, though only a tiny spot on the map, can still cultivate and develop skiers to reach international standard and compete for medals in international competition.

I am delighted that our own website at Ski Association of Hong Kong, China Limited is now available. It will continue to be update with our latest news and will act as an interactive platform for skiers to share their experience and information. I hope that you will find our website useful.

Enjoy your skiing journey.

Best Wishes,
William Louey